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Do you need a ghost blogger? – talk to me!

  • Businesses, big and small, benefit from professionally written content.
  • Do you have a business blog but no time to keep it up-to-date?
  • Ghost bloggers write in your company’s voice, reflecting your views, company culture and ethos.
  • Do you have the expertise to write content yourself?
  • Ghost bloggers understand how to optimise your blog for search engines, links, web coding and social networking.
  • Can you market your posts and ensure they reach your target audience?
  • Ghost bloggers know how to promote your blog posts and make sure that they get read!

Why your business should have a blog

  • Blogging is great for communicating with customers and clients. Adding value to your website.
  • Blogs help build your brand and encourage readers to share with their networks.
  • Blogging helps position you, or your business, as an authority in your field.
  • Blogs are a social media tool that help you engage with an online audience.
  • Search engines love blogs – fresh content improves organic search engine rankings.

I Love 2 Blog 4 You

That’s right! If you understand the value of posting a regular business blog but lack the time or expertise to do so, get in touch. I can help you set up a blog or manage an existing site. After a quick phone call or meeting (virtual or in the real world) I will suggest a series of blog titles, aimed at your target audience, for your approval. These posts can supplement those you are generating in-house, or constitute your entire blogging output. Once written and approved I can optimise and publish them for you according to your blogging schedule.

Marketing your business blog

Regular blogging improves your website’s organic search engine ranking. But why wait for your target audience to find your blog? Be proactive by promoting it through your social media, newsletters and other marketing material. Encouraging backlinks, comments and shares will push your site up those search engine results. If this all sounds like more work for you, I can handle this too. I can provide clients with suggested tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + status updates, that encourage clicks to your blog content.

How to get blogging for business?

I am a freelance writer: ghost blogging for businesses, copywriting for the web and providing content for newsletters and print material. I ghost blog on behalf of managing directors, sole traders and other team members for micro businesses and SMEs. Every week I write on a wide range of subjects; delivering quality content for approval, optimising and publishing approved posts and marketing them to their specific target audiences.

If you would like me to ghost blog for your company please email me or complete the form below:

Blogging Awards

Recently my ghost blogging has received a joint award for Corporate [industry sector] Blog of the Year 2012. Unfortunately as a ghost blogger I can’t reveal the client’s name or the details of the award but needless to say I’m delighted!

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